Tropical Storm (SSHS)
Tropical Storm Larry.jpg
Tropical Storm Larry at peak intensity
Formed July 14, 2011
Dissipated July 21, 2011
Highest winds 1-minute sustained:
70 mph (110 km/h)
Lowest pressure 990 mbar (hPa); 29.23 inHg
Fatalities 3
Damage None
Areas affected Biolixi Islands
Part of the 2011 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season

Larry was the 12th named storm of the 2011 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season. Larry's duration was between July 14 and July 21. Larry had maximum winds of 70 mph and pressure at 990 mbar. Larry was an unusually long lived tropical storm that did directly affected any land. Larry produced strong rip currents to the Biolixi Islands and Virginia, particularly the Eastern Biolixi Island.

Meteorological HistoryEdit

Tropical Storm Larry's Path

Larry's Path

On July 13 a vigorous low pressure system headed east from Southwest. The low pressure system kept moving east and soon was above the Northern Biolixi Island and early on July 14 the system developed into Tropical Depression Thirteen. Thirteen raced across the Biolixi Ocean, moving East-Southeast. On July 15 Thirteen intensified into Tropical Storm Larry continuing to move East-Southeast. Larry kept moving in that direction and created a dangerous threat of rip currents to the Biolixi Islands. The National Hurricane Center forecasted that Larry would intensify into a hurricane, but due to below average temperatures Larry remained a tropical storm. Larry, contiuing its East-Southeast track, was moving closer to the Virginia coast; due to high wind shear along the Virginia coast Larry weakened to a tropcial depression on July 20. On July 21 Larry weakened to a very weak tropical depression and then dissipated later that day. Larry brought high surf to the Biolixi Islands and Virginia claiming 3 lives.

Preparations and ImpactEdit


Even though Larry didn't even directly affect Virginia, there was a medium chance that Larry would have rapidly intensified and made a destructive landfall. There was still a chance, so Virginia still prepared for the worst, just in case larry might have intensified.

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