Tropical Storm (SSHS)
Tropical Storm Viki.png
Viki close to landfall
Formed September 17, 2011
Dissipated September 19, 2011
Highest winds 1-minute sustained:
65 mph (100 km/h)
Lowest pressure 992 mbar (hPa); 29.29 inHg
Fatalities 1
Damage $150.8 million (2011 SCS)
Areas affected San Francisco
Part of the 2011 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season

Viki was the twenty-first named storm of the 2011 Biolixi Ocean hurricane season. Viki's duration was between September 17 and September 19. Viki's maximum winds were 65 mph and minimum pressure at 992 mbar. Viki was a small tropical storm that caused torrential flooding and gusty winds throughout San Francisco. Viki in all caused 150.8 million simoleons in damage and killed one person.

Meteorological HistoryEdit

Tropical Storm Viki's Path

Viki's Path

On September 15, a stalling tropical wave formed in the Gulf of San Francisco. The system stayed near the western part of the gulf and was moving near 3 mph. The slow moving system was given a 90% chance of development by the National Hurricane Center; they said that since the system is stalling over warm waters, it could possibly develop and intensify into a hurricane. Many people in San Francisco evacuated even though no mandatory evacuations were ordered; no one wanted to experiance another major hurricane since Hurricane Isac destroyed the coastline earlier that year. On September 16, Tropical Depression Twenty-One formed and was now moving to the east towards the San Francisco coast. The same day, Twenty-One developed into Tropical Storm Viki; duw to stronger wind shear in the area, Viki was now forecasted to only strengthen into a category 1 before landfall. On September 17, Viki approached the coastline and was now forecasted to only stay a tropical storm during landfall. Viki made landfall on the San Francisco Peninsula near Tree Beach with winds of 65 mph and pressure at 992 mbar. After landfall, Viki began its weakeneing process. The strong windshear and mountainous terrian made it very difficult for Viki to regain any strength. Viki returned over water in the San Francisco Bay on September 19, made landfall, and then dissipated. Viki caused widespread flooding to San Francisco and gusty winds; Viki in all caused 150.8 million simoleons in damage and killed 1 sim.

Preparations and ImpactEdit

San FranciscoEdit

The San Francisco Peninsula was the hardest hit by Viki. Viki caused widespread flooding throughout the peninsula and the bay area. Around 12 inches of rain fell around the Tree Beach area, 10 inches fell in Irene. and nearly 13 inches of rain fell around Nivon Hills. Viki then entered the bay and made a second landfall around the Potomar area, dumping 2 inches of rain. Viki in all caused around 150.8 million simoleons in damage, and killed 1 person.

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